KüBe is comprised of a series of control mechanisms, templates, and productized services for project management, construction projects, and now management consulting.


Today, KüBe provides over 50 systems of management control mechanisms. These paper-based systems are used for client productized service delivery. These systems are control mechanisms for enterprise managment activities specific to: Project Management, Core Systems Management, Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management, and Nonverbal Communications Management.


Control mechanisms play an important role in any project, team, or organization, without which the roles of Owners, Managers, or Administrators get constrained. Control is required for achieving the desired set of goals as it provides the processes, procedures, systems, and tools which influence the performance and decision-making process. It orders, limits, or rules something, or someone's actions or behavior bringing forth the best of outcomes.


KüBe control mechanisms streamline the project management process, the design bid build process, and now management consulting processes towards integrated project, team, or service delivery styles. With one single point of contact for Owners, Managers, and Administrators, all the confusion, conflict, and problems usually endured between disciplines is negated.


KüBe’s project management controls are the data gathering, data management, and analytical processes used to predict, understand and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of a project or program; through the communication of information in formats that assist effective management and decision making.


KüBe’s construction project controls include all stages of a construction project, from the estimate to its completion. Project controls include all of the people, processes and tools used to manage the cost and schedule of a project.



Take Control of your project!  Don’t let your project take control of you. With one streamlined process from conceptual design to building construction, this product offers a centralized database of control mechanisms, templates, and guides for construction project management. There are four areas of concentration:          


These comprehensive construction project management control mechanisms will help your project come under budget and on time. 


KüBe’s control mechanisms in management consulting are planning, leading, organizing and controlling through the “10 Core” assessments and productized service. The "10 Core" challenges Owners, Managers, and Administrators to assess their management systems in the following areas:



The KüBe product is best used in congruence with a contracted KüBe outsource consultant service. During and after KüBe service delivery, the KüBe product database assist Owners, Managers, and Administrators in the continuous task of implementing systems, processes, and procedurals in their business. Use KüBe to create quality management solutions; to build value in your business, to manage operational function; and to delegate different types of work. We have tested these systems and have optimized performance in each of these areas utilizing these assessments and service delivery. Don’t let poor management and planning leave you behind the competition, get one step ahead by embracing KüBe. We have done that. Our product "KüBe", a control mechanism, does that.