KüBe Engineered Solutions provides management control mechanisms influenced by the project-based standards of practice used by the architectural, engineering, and construction industries, and reconfigures the concepts for use by owners, managers, and administrators.


Developing a project? Clueless about the process? Does your team need guidance or a performance metric?  This product offers a value proposition that is an edge above the competition in these core aspects:


  • It targets four areas of concentration: Quality Control, Schedule Control, Budget Control, & Project Management.


  • It introduces a guide that streamlines the design- bid- build process towards an internally integrated project delivery style.


  • It serves as a content management tool for an evolving database of industry aligned processes and standard operating procedurals for at least ten different types of projects, five parallel industries, and four types of organizational teams.


  • It is being developed to offer transitional product options for beginner to expert users ranging from single use data forms, to desktop software downloads, and mobile-use application. 


Use KüBe control mechanism on programs of real estate development, property management, non-profit efforts, as well as, Federal, State, & City projects, military, institutional, and educational programs, where construction manager contracts are growing and challenging budgets make integrated project delivery systems a desirable necessity. 


Projects utilizing an integrated project delivery system have seen 24 month schedules reduced to under 9 months substantially completed.


Take control of your project. Don't let your project take control of you. You will serve yourself, your project team, and your Owner, Manager, or Administrator well by implementing good processes, procedures, systems, and tools. We know that. Our product "KüBe" control mechanism does that.








KüBe Engineered Solutions developed from a single page abstract in 2009.  The abstract described for our management team the problem areas that our clients were experiencing.  It explained four key areas of concern.  During the restructuring of the company and in an effort to develop a strategy for our brand, lead in enterprise content management, and better serve the needs of our clients, we developed a set of control mechanisms, we called "KüBe".  The journey continues.


  • I/O VENTURES application second round contender, Oklahoma City, QUALITYCONTROL PRODUCT, KüBe, April 2010.  


  • SHARK TANK open call pitch, CONTROL MECHANISM PRODUCT, KüBe, Austin January 2014 and                                   San Antonio July 2018.


  • KICKSTARTER funding project, CONTROL MECHANISM PRODUCT, KüBe, April 2014.