Question this.


Why does your business have five buildings? How do you know those five buildings are needed? Where are these five buildings located? Where is your campus map that navigates patrons from you are here to you are there? Did you have a needs assessment (Project Management) after your fifth year (Schedule) in business that outlined your anticipated growth needs into the next decade? Did you know that you could have an idea right now how much additional space and facility use you will need in the next year or the next five years? Let me ask another question. What was the role of the build process? How did the construction project management and present maintenance affect your bottom line (Budget) and operations? Your website hides the one aspect of the journey that of the built work and growth (Quality Control) that is so vital to the success of your program, business, or organization.


Think about this.


A local teacher who gives it her all in the classroom everyday has to squeeze a kid in the back and another one in the front of the classroom. She puts trash cans under a leaky ceiling and ask the children to dodge those areas as they make their way back and forth from their desk. As you may have discovered while strategically planning to expand, a functional area can easily turn into a dysfunctional and undesirable area, if overcrowded, if it is not planned correctly, and if maintenance issues exist. The teacher is frustrated and wonders how does an underpaid teacher engage in the process to improve her built environment? This teacher shows up at the Board of Education meeting asking, "Where is the Project Management, Schedule, & Budget?"



Here is another real situation.


A woman and her daughter walk from their residence to a neighborhood park four blocks away.  This is an opportunity to refresh their minds and to get some one on one communication and quality time. The mother notices the park grounds need groomed. There is stray debris. There are pot holes in the walk and noticeably high grass on the other half of the park. She makes the comment, “They should take better care of this park. Why haven't they made the upkeep of this park a priority?" This citizen shows up at the City Council meeting asking, "Where is the Quality Control, Budget, & Schedule?"


Let's talk private sector.


A business owner has a land acquistion and development department that he is recruiting raw talent for. His job description expresses a required experience range that allows engineering, architectural, and construction professionals to apply for the said position of Construction Project Manager. This variance in experience will affect how each candidate will perceive and run their project responsibilities, thus wouldn't it be great to have an in-house build program that train project managers for this said position to assure consistency in the process and quality in the product? The Director of this department will show up at the weekly and monthly meetings, asking, "Where is the Quality Control and Project Management procedurals?"


In the midst of a dilemma, these issues are the only thing these individuals will see. The person having the experience can turn a 20 minute conversation into a two hour diversion causing great discord in the organization. Each issue can be summed up into four areas of concern. We know that. Our product "KüBe" control mechanism does that.